Most people will agree: education is in the need of reform. With high school graduation rates less than 50% in some school districts and the changing needs of our kids and job skills- we are in a fight to save one of the greatest freedoms of our nation: the right to a good education.

Please join me in the conversation and listen to the voices of students, administrators, and teachers to discuss new ideas for education reform.
How are state required graduation tests affecting high school seniors? Are they helping or just encouraging students to drop out? How can students concentrate on their studies when they don’t have a stable home or family? How do students like to learn? Hands-on or in a lecture? Why do we as a nation struggle so much with math and science?

EdCorr does not have the answers to these difficult questions but is on a mission to understand the real experiences of our youth and how we as educators can reach them more effectively. This website will ask these tough questions to students, educators and administrators to start the discussion about how we can make change and stay competitive in a global market.

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Tanya Foose first found her passion for education when she began teaching piano lessons to young and adult students at the University of Akron in the Continuing Education Department while completing her Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts. As a piano and music major, Tanya realized the value of teaching to the needs of the student; not to a particular methodology or lesson plan. She found that every student had their own talents, strengths, and limitations and by working with those abilities produced fun and growth in an individualized manner. Some students learned best when playing by ear, some students wrote their own music and some just played for the sheer enjoyment. Yet in every situation, learning was taking place.

Over the years she took a position at a university that required her to give college and career workshops for high school seniors. During these workshops she experienced the vast difference between school systems, student outcomes, and student expectations for their own futures. It was through these lectures that she realized the need for better understanding about careers and opportunities in the job market.

From these experiences, Tanya developed a passion for education and began her own educational quest by completing her Master’s in Business Administration at The University of Phoenix, and continuing her journey by working towards her Ph.D. in Education Leadership and Curriculum Design. She is expected to graduate from Northcentral University in Spring 2012.

Tanya is dedicated to issues in education and through these interviews hopes to bring education to life through stories and personal experiences. Anyone who would like to share their story or share their thoughts is welcome to by e-mailing her at: the contact page


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